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Mon, May 12: Rachael Sage at the Kendall Cafe

Rachael Sage, from New York City, is one of my favorite singer-songwriters. Keyboard, often with a small band, many bright colors, intricate lyrics, and melodies that catch and hook. I get addicted to her albums sometimes, and listen to them repeatedly. She'll be playing with a cello player and a drummer for this show, tomorrow (Monday) night, May 12th, at the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge, MA.

You could call her folk, or pop. I sometimes describe some folk artists' music as "dark folk" and others' as "bright folk" - Rachael Sage is the only one I can think of who combines both, in the same songs. If you know what I mean by that, then you know what I mean by that :)

Rachael's web site is and she's got sound samples on it. My favorite album is Smashing the Serene, but to get a sense of her recent work I also recommend the songs Among All of God's Creatures, and Angel (which is about Buffy and Angel :)

The Kendall Cafe is at 233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, across the street from One Kendall Square, near the Kendall movie theater and parking garage. They serve food, and have a few tables for people who want dinner, though it's a small place and seats run out. They have three sets a night, at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm. Rachael Sage will be the third set on Monday night, so theoretically starting at 10pm. I may be meeting geoffroi and a couple of other people there for dinner earlier, and seeing the earlier performers.

The Kendall's web site is
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