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Dada, Molly Zenobia's first interactive themed show at the Lily Pad last month with the Army of Broken Toys, featured such things as:
- Molly performing one of her songs backwards
- Each of the main acts drawing the other during the other's set
- A collaborative audience poem
- Molly with cellist Valerie Thompson, in the video on the right

Molly's next in the series is this Thursday evening, 7-10pm, with Valerie and Vessela of Goli (the same Valerie who's playing cello in the video - there will be more Molly + cello at this show), Brendan Burns, and Nate Greenslit from Humanwine. And more art.

    Silhouettes - the joining of Music & Art
    Thursday, March 12th, 7-10pm
    The Lily Pad, 1353 Cambridge Street (Inman Square)
    $10, all ages

    see the art
    listen to the music.
    be a silhouette.

    Molly Zenobia
    Vessela Stoyanova
    Brendan Burns
    Valerie Thompson
    Nate Greenslit

    constant surprises.
    forward art.
    ~molly zenobia

P.S. Molly's next interactive show after Silhouettes will be April 23rd at the Lily Pad.
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