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Passim campfire festival this weekend

Yesterday evening through Monday night, Club Passim is having its Campfire Festival - ~100 performers/bands over the course of the long weekend. Ones I particularly want to go see are:
  • Goli tonight 11-11:45pm: Valerie (cello & vocals) and Vessela (electric marimba), half of Fluttr Effect

  • Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers Sunday 7:30-8pm: Winners from the 2007 Falcon Ridge showcase (I voted for them)

  • Kevin So, Sunday 11:30pm set w/others: He just released his first new solo folk album in years, I need to get it.

  • Rose Polenzani, Monday 11pm set w/others: So weirdly good!

Whichever ones of these I get to, I'll probably also see a few of the sets before & after them.

Are you going?
Do you especially recommend any of the artists on the schedule?
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