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Sun, Aug 10: Clare Muldaur at Jeff Wasilko's house

The last time Rachael Sage played the Kendall Cafe, Clare Muldaur played an earlier set. geoffroi went to that show with me, and he was very impressed with Clare. He invited her to do a house concert at his place, and that is going to happen this coming Sunday. He writes:
    Some of you saw Clare open for Rachael Sage last time Rachel was
    in town. I was impressed enough to ask her if she'd be up for
    doing a houseconcert. Thankfully, she said yes.
    Here's the blurb I'm putting out. Please come over if you're free!
    I first heard Clare Muldaur opening at the Kendall Cafe. Now, opening
    acts can be a bit of a crapshoot, but that night I was glad that I
    arrived early to catch her set. She blew me away, leaving such an
    impression that one of her songs, "Emotional Lab Toy", remained a fixture
    in my head for days following the show.
    This refreshing new talent is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, the
    daughter of two well-known performers (Geoff and Maria Muldaur). With her
    husband Olivier Manchon, also a Berklee grad, on violin, Clare's
    performance features originals that CD Baby accurately describes as
    "swinging timeless pop with threads of Americana, Jazz and melodies that
    just don't go away." She manages to weave influences ranging from Billie
    Holliday to Parisian melodies into songs that are sweet, affecting, and
    always catchy.
    Complementing her songwriting and guitar playing is her voice which
    blends angelic delicacy with youthful playfullness.
    You can sample Clare's music at CD Baby:
    Now for the details:
    Sunday, August 10 2003
    Join us at 4pm for snacks and drinks
    Mail for reservations and directions
    The suggested donation is $10, which all goes to the performer. My
    house is just 2 blocks away from the Wakefield commuter rail station,
    and is just a few miles from Route 128, with plenty of on-street
    parking. We've got central air-conditioning and we're not afraid to use
    it if it's hot!
    Upcoming concerts:
    Jenny Bruce, September 7 @ 4pm

Reminder: The Idiot Box at The Comedy Studio is tomorrow night, Thursday, 8pm
Tags: clare muldaur, folk, house concert, yhc
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