Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

I may not make any more real posts this week - I'm moving. Electrician tomorrow, movers Friday morning, Verizon Friday afternoon, and lots of packing and rearranging stuff most of the rest of the time. I'll post a reminder early next week about Rachael Sage at the Kendall on Thursday night, August 28th. And if I get a chance I'll post something about Esther's gallery show opening this Sunday afternoon - it's a shared show with her mother (who is a wood sculptor), at the Belknap Mill in Laconia NH. Very much worth the trip!!

In the meantime, though, I'm taking a break from packing to go see Winged Migration at the Somerville Theatre, 7:15pm this evening. Meet near the theater (and the Holland St. exist from the Davis Sq red line stop) around 7pm. Yes, this is my 6th time seeing this movie :)
Tags: davissquare, movie, somervilletheatre
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