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Thu, Sep 4: Trina Hamlin at Passim

Trina Hamlin is my favorite singer. Yup, I do have a favorite singer, and she's it. Not my favorite songwriter, although she writes good songs that are just right to serve as vehicles for her singing. Not my favorite guitar player either, but her confident rhythmic playing is quite good. She is also one of the best, most emotionally expressive harmonica players I've heard. But it's her voice, and her singing, that nobody can compare to. Combine the vocal power of Vance Gilbert with the soul of Koko Taylor, and accompany with Ani-like guitar. She can do folk, blues, jazz, rock, and would probably make a great gospel singer too.

She's an astounding, amazing, entrancing, live singer, and has tremendous power and emotion in her vocal performance, especially when in front of a live audience - for some reason, I find some of her magic is lacking in recordings she's made where there was no audience. Beautiful, friendly, and charming, too. A live show is definitely the right way to hear Trina.

Trina Hamlin is performing at Club Passim
this Thursday evening, September 4th, at 7pm.
Amy Speace opens. Tickets are $12, or $10 for Passim members.
All shows at Passim are all ages.

Trina has sold out Passim before, though I don't think this show will sell out. It might, though, and it's very likely that all of the table seats will fill up. If you want to sit at a table, I strongly recommend calling ahead to reserve: 617-492-7679. The magic word to say when you make a reservation is "dinner" - if you say you want to make a dinner reservation, you get seated at a table. If you don't say dinner, you just reserve slots to get in if it sells out, but no specific seats.
Tags: amy speace, folk, harvardsquare, passim, trina hamlin
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