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This Chicken, He Died For You

Platypus Rex tonight at the Kirkland Cafe on the Cambridge/Somerville line, at 10pm (21+)

Platypus Rex is a rock band (drums, bass, guitar, vocals) with folkie lyrics and a bit of a sense of funk. Half of the readers of cosmusic already know them. Adam Hirsch on lead vocals (and lead songwriting) and a plethora of random items, Jeff Yaus and Glen Daniels on guitar and bass (respectively, or sometimes the other) and backing vocals, and corwin on drums and other percussion. From a song about what a Man(TM) is really thinking while his wife ponders relationship angst, to a James Bond inspired song about chickens risking their lives to save you, to a mad-lib version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, they're just plain fun. They get reflective, too. A rock band where you can actually hear the words, and they're worth listening to.

The Kirkland Cafe is located at 435 Washington Street, which is right after Kirkland Street crosses over from Cambridge into Somerville and gets renamed to Washington Street. It's next door to the Spanish restaurant Dali - and for those of you who care, it's also next door to the original location of the fabled Left Bank Operation. You can walk there from Harvard Square: Go through Harvard Yard and walk between Memorial Hall (home of Sanders Theatre) and the Harvard Science Center, to the right-angle bend where Oxford Street and Kirkland Street meet. Walk up Kirkland a little less than 10 minutes, and just before the light at the corner of Beacon and Washington, on the town line, you'll find the Kirkland Cafe. You can also get there by bus: the #83 from Central Square or Porter Square, and the #86 from Sullivan, Harvard, and Brighton.

Warning: The Kirkland is actually a bar, not a cafe. It's the kind of venue where people drink and smoke and the lighting is poor. The sound is okay, as bars go, though it depends on who's running it. It's a small place and it probably won't be too crowded.

Oh, and Platypus Rex has a new album for sale!

Before Platypus Rex, you can go to Passim to see Trina Hamlin at 7pm. That show will probably end at around 10:30, and it's less than a 15 minute walk to the Kirkland, so catch both shows!
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