Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

Mon, November 24: Dean concert at Passim

Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I've been spending all of my spare time working on Howard Dean campaign stuff, and got so sucked into it I actually haven't gone to any concerts in a couple of weeks! This might be the longest I've gone without live music since... 1994?

But I haven't forgotten about music, not at all. And one of the things I'm working in is putting together a few live music events to promote Dean and raise money for him. The first date just fell into place yesterday - we confirmed Rachael Sage for a Dean concert at Club Passim on Monday evening, November 24th. Rachael played at a Dean fundraiser at Irving Plaza in New York in August, and she's excited to do this one. We're looking for one or two more artists for that night, and I've got a few good bites, but for now only Rachael is confirmed. Put it on your calendar, and look for updates here when I know the full bill.

[Update, the next day: Molly Zenobia is confirmed as the co-bill with Rachael Sage for this show. If you want to help out, sign up here ]
Tags: harvardsquare, molly zenobia, passim, politics, rachael sage
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