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LALO on NPR tomorrow

Vibraphonist Laura Friedman, aka LALO, will be featured on NPR's Weekend Edition this Sunday, October 12.

I saw LALO when she played a house concert with Kellie Lin Knott at Jeff Wasilko's last winter, and enjoyed it a lot. In his house concert announcement, Jeff included this blurb about her:
This young vibraphonist, known to her fans as "Lalo", has been turning heads in the music world since her highschool days, and at the tender age of 23, has scores of accomplishments under her belt. In 1999, Lalo premiered an original work with the Savannah Symphony Orchestra as a featured soloist and subsequently began performing at colleges and universities on the east coast. She's also played highly coveted spots with the Coastal Jazz Orchestra and Savannah Jazz Festival. Lalo's musical adventures have placed her in tours across Europe with the innovative jazzsters Dzaesmin, recordings with legendary jazz pianist Kenny Werner for BMG Japan, and performances with the highly renowned percussionist Cyro Baptista (most known for his work with Sting, Paul Simon, Cassandra Wilson).

Weekend Edition airs at different times in different places, but just about every NPR station carries it, so if you want to hear this piece, you can go to your NPR station's web site and look it up on their schedule. The audio will also be available online after it airs (go to the link above).
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