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Sun, Nov 9: We're About 9 house concert in Arlington

Several years ago, at a Nields concert in Virginia, I met Katie Graybeal and got to talking to her about music. After the show we stuck around hanging out with the Nields and other fans, and she introduced me to her friends Brian Gundersdorf, Amy Law, and Pat Klink - and I learned that three of them had a band called We're About 9. I invited them to come up to WBRS to play, and though it took a while to work out a date, it finally happened in August of 2000. The following year I ran into them at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, where they bravely stepped up to volunteer at Vance Gilbert's performance skills workshop, and I was struck by how good their performance for an audience could be. In 2002 they were selected for the showcase at Falcon Ridge, and I marhsalled as many people as I could to see their set and vote for them. It wasn't surprising when they were one of the top three, and selected for a mainstage appearance at Falcon Ridge 2003. Now, they're coming to a house concert here in Arlington.

We're About 9 is a folk harmony trio, two male and one female vocals, with all three of them switching between guitar and some other instrument - percussion, bass, mandolin, keyboard, depending on the song. Strains of Cry Cry Cry and some of Richard Shindell's singing style are apparent. I thoroughly enjoy listening to their music.

The show is Sunday, November 9th, 7:30-9:30pm.
Vegetarian refreshments will be provided a little before the performance. On-street parking is available. We suggest a minimum donation of $10, which will be applied entirely towards compensating the artists. Reservations are strongly encouraged, as space is limited; email before 6 am Sunday or call 617-869-7912 (Crystal's cell phone). Please include your name, contact information, and how many people will be attending. :)

(Directions available on request)
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