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Cos Music

Thu, May 22: The Dresden Dolls in the rumble final

The Dresden Dolls won the WBCN rumble semifinals over the weekend, so now they get to perform in the finals. Which, annoyingly, is this Thursday night - the same night as .WAV and FLUTTR at the Sky Bar. The show will be at the Middle East downstairs. 18+, $12, $10 if you buy tickets in advance.
    9:30 - Apollo Sunshine
    10:30 - The Dresden Dolls
    11:30 - Baby Strange
    12:30 - Vendetta Red (headliner, not competing)
It's a hard choice, but I'm going to .WAV and FLUTTR, because:
  • I've never seen .WAV live yet
  • Dresden Dolls play more often than either .WAV or FLUTTR
  • I don't know anything about the other three bands at the rumble finals, which makes it a choice between two bands I love, vs. one band I love and three bands I don't know.
I'm going to save my big Dresden Dolls hype post for the next time I plan to actually go see them myself.
Tags: .wav, apollo sunshine, award, baby strange, dresden dolls, fluttr effect, middleeast, vendetta red, wbcn
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