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tonight: PAN 9, with Marimbira

In May I posted about Vessela Stoyanova and two of her bands, FLUTTR and .WAV. Another Troy & Vessela band, Marimbira, is playing tonight at PAN 9 in Allston. As with the others, Marimbira features Troy on guitar and Vessela on marimba, this time with assorted percussion, bass, and a mbira, playing central African and afro-pop dance music with a Vessela/Troy twist.

If you haven't heard of PAN 9, you can read my past posts about their shows:

And also petra_quince's review of one of those PAN 9 shows.

This weekend PAN 9 is participating in open studios, and if you're reading this now and are in Boston, it's not too late to see their stuff before they put it away. At 5pm they're asking for volunteers to help take down the open studio and set up for tonight's performance night, which begins at 8pm.

Our fantastic PAN 9 event Sunday, November 9th at 8pm caps off a weekend of PAN 9's participation in:

Open Studios, 12-5pm Saturday & Sunday, Nov 8-9

During Open Studions we will be displaying the exquisite pottery of GEORGE DERY as well as media displays for PAN 9 Artists Evan O'Television, FLUTTR & Marimbira, Turkish Queen and video clips from over a half decade's worth of PAN 9's

Sunday Night's Event (starting at 8-not 9) Will Feature:

Live Music by:
  • Marimbira
  • Damien & Yuki
  • Turkish Queen

  • World premiere of the debut animated video "Popsicle" by Zea Barker
  • Spoken word and Animations by Artist Mick Cusimano
  • Philosphy from Weekly Dig writer and lifestyle expert Keith Bennet
  • Performance comedy from Evan O' Television and more...

call 617-783-9424 this weekend for directions or email

*** Also a request: For this show in particular we would love to have any help from Volunteers who might come to PAN 9 between 5 and 7 to help us make the swift and challenging transition between our Open Studios Set-up and the PAN 9 show set-up.
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