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Tonight: Amber Spyglass and others at FOAM

This is kind of last minute, I know, but this looks like an unusual event, and certainly an unusual time for Boston: Midnight - 7am. It's a burner event, so expect what you'd expect from a gathering of Burning Man people. If you don't know what that means, go if you're adventurous. Three bands are playing between midnight and 2am, food, art, film and anime, and probably a lot of randomness.

I'd go if I weren't on my way to New York in a few minutes. And if it isn't sold out already.

F. O. A. M. aka Freak Out After Midnight

No Suds, Alas >:)

This Friday at midnight until 7am Saturday morning (the ides of November) come to FOAM!!!!!
18+ Admission $10.00

Live performances betwixt midnight and 2am by:
  • Rob Byrd
  • Ultraplush
  • Lucretia's Daggers
  • Amber SpyGlass
Lots of Burner friendly activities in the wee morning hours! Food, refreshments, kisses, fun! Art Installations by Bob Rees. Multimedia extravaganza by the Redtail Collective and Jeff Mission.... lots of film shorts and japanimae in the lounges. Firefly lounge and of course... dark corners. >:) woo!

All night there will be floggings and massages by master ed and mistress harmony for donation. (think roughly 1$ per minute, but we will wickedly accomodate you). Hour massages for 40-50$ by everyone's favourite alien-pirate-swedish masseuse, sub heather. Mini tarot readings for $10.

Once the sun starts peeking out from the horizon, mistress harmony will make her burningman specialty, naughty pancakes and there will be a viewing of THE TRIP with peter fonda and jack nicholson. sooooooooooooo good.

There is only room for 50 peeps, and we still have tickets left, but you must hurry as they are selling out quickly.
please infiltrate and conquer my after hours.

18+ Admission $10.00
Doors open at midnight till 7am november 15th
The Original Tremont Tearoom
48-50 Winter Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 338-8100

oh, and no alchohol, but smokables ok.
Tags: amper spyglass, lucretia's daggers, rob byrd, ultraplush
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