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Mon, Nov 24: Concert for Dean at Passim

Molly Zenobia and Rachael Sage are performing at a concert to promote Howard Dean for president, at Club Passim in Harvard Square, on Monday night, November 24th. There will be a short opening set by Jenny Bruce, and we will show a couple of Dean videos in between sets. We plan to start at 7:00pm.

If you're a regular reader of cosmusic you've at least heard about Molly and Rachael already. Both play keyboard, and both will be performing with small bands. Jenny Bruce is also going to sing with Rachael Sage on some sets. Some of my past posts about Molly Zenobia and Rachael Sage here:Both of them support Howard Dean for President. Rachael Sage played at a benefit for Dean at Irving Plaza in New York shortly before his big speech at Bryant Park at the end of the Sleepless Summer Tour, and Molly marched with a Dean sign at Boston Gay Pride this June. They're also two of my favorite musicians, and I think they go very well together. I haven't seen Jenny Bruce yet, but she comes with Rachael's strong recommendation.

It's also a fundraiser for Dean. For legal reasons, we have to keep the contribution optional, and separate from the ticket price, but the ticket price is very low so we hope everyone will contribute. It's $5, or $3 for Passim members, and we're asking for $10 for Dean, but please give more if you want to!

Concert for Dean

Monday, November 24, 7:00pm
Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge MA
all ages, $5 + contribution to Dean (suggested)
Jenny Bruce, Rachael Sage, Molly Zenobia (in that order)
Dean videos in between sets
  • Buy tickets online, or call 617-492-7679 to make a reservation, and pay at the door.
  • contribute online ahead of time, or make your contribution by check at the door. If we get things working, you can also contribute online at the concert.
    We also need volunteers - to help with setup, sell CDs, take contributions, sign people up for MassForDean, and other things. If you'd like to volunteer, or if you just want to get an email update from me about volunteering over the next few days, sign up here. Thanks!
  • Tags: harvardsquare, jenny bruce, molly zenobia, passim, politics, rachael sage
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