Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

Passim tonight, Passim tomorrow

Just a brief note today on two shows coming up in Cambridge MA...
One of the best songwriters I've ever heard, James Keelaghan, is performing at Club Passim at 7:30pm this evening. If you are a fan of Cry Cry Cry, you'll recognize Cold Missouri Waters - that's one of his songs. I've heard Richard Shindell say that he envies James Keelaghan's songwriting ability.

Tomorrow, again at Passim, is the Concert for Dean with Molly Zenobia, Rachael Sage, and Jenny Bruce. See you there?
Tags: cry cry cry, folk, harvardsquare, james keelaghan, jenny bruce, molly zenobia, passim, politics, rachael sage
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