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Thu, May 22: The Comedy Studio - Janet Cormier, Tim McIntire

Everything had to be on Thursday night. hmph.

A few weeks ago at the Somerville Open Studios, I met Janet Cormier, an artist who had some work on display at an open studio in Davis Square. She'd done some combination paintings/collages, paintings with pieces of text cut out from newspapers or magazines or consumer products. Many of her paintings were directly about issues such as race relations, love & relationships, and they used the collage pieces as part of that. I got into a discussion with her, found out that she also does standup comedy, and she gave me a list of upcoming performances. I got the impression that I might really like her act, and at the very least, it probably uses different topics than most comedy acts I see.

This Thursday, May 22nd, Janet Cormier is performing at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. It's a small, cozy, dark, informal comedy club, founded and run by local comics - very different from other comedy clubs you may have been to. It's the sort of place where people who have never done comedy in public get their first gig, and the best and most celebrated comics come to try out their new material. There are often as many comedians in the audience as there are on stage. I've seen some incredibly good, incredibly bad, and incredibly weird and bizarre performances there - often some of all three on the same night. It's my favorite place to see comedy.

Since it's a Thursday, The Reverend Tim McIntire, lord of the geek council, will be hosting the night. I like him. Those of you who go to PAN 9 may remember his performance there earlier this year.

Shows at The Comedy Studio start at 8pm, and end promptly at or a little before 10pm. So, I'm planning to go to this and .WAV and FLUTTR at the Sky Bar. .WAV's set isn't scheduled to start until 10pm, and it'll probably be a bit late, and it's not very far from Harvard Square. I'll miss Earl Patrick, opening at the Sky Bar show, unfortunately.

The Comedy Studio is located on the third floor above the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant on Mass Ave near Harvard Square. To get there from Harvard Square, go to the Au Bon Pain and continue walking along Mass Ave, past Toscanini, past Ferranti-Dege, past the Harvard Bookstore, and about a block later you'll get to the Hong Kong. It has a big yellow lit sign. Go in and up the stairs to the left, to the third floor. There may be someone on the second floor landing asking for IDs, because there's some other club on the second floor. Show him your ID and say you're going up to the comedy studio, and he'll let you pass - I think it's all ages.

I'm meeting some people at the Comedy Studio before the show starts, around 7:45. Who wants to come?
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