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Dresden Dolls show report

I've missed most of The Dresden Dolls' shows (and all other shows in general) in the past half-year, but if last night and Arisia were any indication, they're actually getting better at live performance with time. And they were already quite good at it to begin with.

Last night we heard two new songs, one of which Amanda said was brand new. I don't remember their names. They also did a wonderful cover of Jacques Brel's Port of Amsterdam, complete with the fizzing open bottle of beer in Amanda's hands as she teetered around the front of the stage. I hear from other fans that they've been doing this one a lot lately, and in Providence they had an accordion player with them for it. Along with a very strong Coin Operated Boy, other highlights of the night for me were:
- They revived Mandy Goes to Med School, one of my old favorites. I've really missed it, I don't think I heard it in a live show all of 2003. Yes, it is really silly, but since when is that a problem for them?
- Half Jack performed with two interpretive signer girls on either end of the stage.
They played Good Day and Truce for an encore, then the club let us bring them back for another encore.

Someone who went to the show posted a set list on orkut:
Sheep Song
Mrs. O
Sorry Bunch
Girl Anachronism
Mandy Goes To Med School
Glass Slipper
Coin-Operated Boy
Half Jack
Port of Amsterdam
- first encore -
Good Day
- second encore -
Sex Changes

P.S. Spider John Koerner is playing at Passim tonight at 8pm.
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