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Selcer & Stein

Just a point of curiosity...

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a folk trio McKenna, Selcer, and Stein performed live at WBRS and then came back in different duo combinations over the next few years, as McKenna & Selcer, Selcer & Stein, on so on. Ken Selcer and Jill Stein performed under some other names, as well.

In 2002, the Green Party candidate for governor of Massachusetts was Jill Stein, but I didn't make the connection in my head. I hadn't seen or heard of Selcer & Stein for nearly a decade. I even met Jill Stein through Green politics, but the context was so unconnected that I didn't recognize that it was the same person, until I heard on the radio about a show by "former gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein and her partner Ken Selcer".

Local singer-songwriter runs for governor, gets 3% of the vote. She got 8% in Cambridge and Somerville.

Selcer & Stein are playing a set at the "Give Peace a Chance Coffeehouse" at the First Parish UU Church, 630 Mass Ave, Arlington, this evening. The show runs 7-10pm, suggested donation $10. For more information, call Arlington UJP at 781-316-2018. Selcer & Stein's page mistakenly says "Sunday", but the date is correct:

Also tonight: The Nields at the Paradise, and a Pan 9 performance night in Allston 9pm-midnight (more or less).
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