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CD Baby $5 sale

CD Baby, and online music store for independent artists, is having a $5 sale on several thousand CDs. I really like CD Baby, their customer service is great, they promote communication between artists and buyers, and they make it very easy for an independent artist to sell their music online. My favorite thing about them, though, is the effort they make to promote music and get people to try new artists. Someone at CD Baby listens to every new CD they get in, then they put them in a variety of loose genres and groupings, and add links to other artists people who like this CD might want to try. When you buy from them, they often throw in an extra sampler CD with tracks from many of their other artists. This $5 sale is another promotion to get people to try new artists.

So, does anyone have recommendations for CDs included in this sale? Which ones should I try?

P.S. The Bagboys, a nifty local bluegrass/folk/western swing band, is playing at The Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge. Geoff Bartley hosts a bluegrass open mic every Tuesday night at the Cantab, with a featured act doing a full set at 10pm. So, the bluegrass starts at 8pm, The Bagboys are on at 10. Who wants to go?
Tags: album, bagboys, bluegrass, cantab, cdbaby

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