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Wed, March 25: Zeitgeist gallery zoning hearing

Where have all the independent performances spaces gone?

Boston area people...
The Zeitgeist Gallery is having a hearing before the Cambridge Zoning Board this evening, to see if they will be able to continue performances in their space. 8:45pm at the Senior Center, 806 Mass Ave., Cambridge (next to the YMCA in Central Square).
    The Zeitgeist is having a hearing before the Cambridge Zoning Board of Appeals to apply for a 'Special Permit' to do whatever the hell it is we do, 8:45 pm on Thurs. 25 March. While being declared as a 'Hall and Theatre' may not be our idea of a good time, there may not be any more good times if we aren't. To that end we'd like to make sure that they know that a whole lot of folks think we are the Berries and should be allowed to keep on with a minimum of regulatory inhibition. We also think it would be a good idea to show up with a fat batch of high-test testimonials attesting to our Social Signifigance, maybe even Cultural Value to the Community! Hah! [...]
    We'd really like to Represent with our Posse in the House: if you'd like to come support the Z and see how Democracy is did, we'd be most happy to have you there (please! we need a crowd, if only for psychological support) March 25, 8:45pm at the Senior Center, 806 Mass Ave, Central Sq. Word.
    Very Much Obliged,
    yr friends,
    The Zeitgeist Krewe
The Zeitgeist is one of the few public art/performance venues left around the Boston area. It's where Molly Zenobia performed at Whimsy last summer. The Boston Phoenix article I linked above has more about what's going on. If you're free this evening and want the Zeitgeist to continue to be able to have performances, you can help by coming to the hearing, so the zoning board sees there's a lot of community support.

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