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Wed, March 31: Dan Bern at Passim

Dan Bern is performing at Club Passim this Wednesday evening. I don't have a lot of time to write about it right now, but my first pass at describing Dan Bern is that he's somewhere between folk music and slam poetry, a bit of Bob Dylan but with better singing ability, a bit of Ramblin' Jack Elliott but harsher and peppier, and sometimes even ramblier. And he likes olives.
I first saw him at Falcon Ridge '96. The following year (I think it was the following year, at least), he led thousands of people on the hillside at Falcon Ridge in singing "aliens came and fucked the monkey". Falcon Ridge didn't know whether they wanted him back, after that. (That's an oversimplification but I don't have time to tell the whole story)
    Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
    All ages, $20 ($18 for members)
    Two shows: 7pm and 10pm
    James O'Brien opening
    (Both shows will probably sell out, buy tickets online now)
I invited two other people to write their descriptions of Dan Bern:
ceelove writes: A folk-punk mentality, often opening for Ani DiFranco. Stinging, hilarious, skewering social conventions, gleefully roasting sacred cows, sure to offend and incite and bewilder and delight and amaze you. A song-poet, more-vitriolic-than-thou, easily bored with typical song-stylings and the single most prolific artist I've ever encountered, often writing a song a day. He serves up pop culture deep fried with an apple in its mouth. Snarky, dark, utterly unapologetic, unbelievably imaginative, uncouth, and then, out of the blue, occasionally heartbreaking.
ladymondegreen writes: Dan is very heavily rooted in his influences, and yet, like most good performers, he manages to synthesize those influences into something greater, a rambling musical journey that scoops you up and takes you places you never expected to go. Like inside Wilt Chamberlin's house, or into the mind of a bigot, or to the site of the Oklahoma City disaster. In addition to being a great storyteller, he's also funny, disarming and will frequently run with a tangent on stage to very amusing results. I've gone back to see him many times, and I'm never disappointed, unless it's so loud that I can't hear his lyrics.
Reminder: Tonight I'm running sound for Mike Seeger at Cholmondeley's Coffeehouse at Brandeis. 8pm, free with any college ID, $10 otherwise - see my Monday post.
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