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Yale House Concerts

geoffroi is having a series of house concerts again this year, at his place in Wakefield MA. Starting this Sunday, with Anne Heaton, one of my favorite singer-songwriters. I first heard her when she opened for someone at a show at Passim that I was running sound for, years ago. I no longer remember whose show that was, but I do remember following Anne around for the next few weeks and doing sound for her a couple of other times. Her shows have a kind of Rose Polenzani personality, though the music is very different. She plays keyboard, and her guitarist Frank Marotta Jr. will be with her. You can hear some clips at
    Anne Heaton at Yale House Concerts
    Sunday, April 4 2004
    Join us at 4pm for snacks and drinks
    Mail for reservations and directions
    Suggested donation $15, which all goes to the performer.
Jeff adds, "My house is just 2 blocks away from the Wakefield commuter rail station, and is just a mile from Route 128, with plenty of on-street parking. We can also arrange rides to and from the Oak Grove T stop in Malden."

He's already booked several more shows for the next few months, and they're all musicians I love:
April 23: Ashley Maher
May 2: Rachael Sage and Jenny Bruce
June 27: Trina Hamlin and Amy Speace

I've already written about Trina Hamlin and Rachael Sage here before, and hopefully I'll get around to writing about Ashley Maher before that show happens. I first saw Jenny Bruce when she joined Rachael and Molly Zenobia for the Concert for Dean last November. And here's a bit of Anne Heaton's bio, forwarded by Jeff:
    Anne Heaton is all about layers. Her first full studio album, "Black Notebook," shimmers and shines with them: layers of simple intricacies, and of complex spareness. "I have always been a huge Peter Gabriel fan," Heaton says "Musically, because his songs are melodically simple and gorgeous, and then he builds them up from their simplicity with African drums, deep bass lines, rock drum loops and many harmonic layers, to be so large and moving. This is what we tried to do with this record. Build the songs up from their essence."

    Essentially speaking, Anne Heaton has been lauded by critics as "a keen observer of human nature" with "an uncanny ability to so succinctly and unpretentiously say what she has to say in her diary-like lyrics." She's been praised as "sweetly nostaligic without being overly sentimental and powerful without being melodramatic." The Boston Globe hailed her as "easily [one] of the area's most notable female singer-songwriters." And Chris Smith, former editor of Performing Songwriter magazine, wrote, "Heaton is one of the finest writers and performers I've come across in years -- she is one of the standards by which I measure talent in the New York music community. That she is not on a major label is nothing short of criminal."
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