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All Weekend: Campfire festival at Passim

[ I would've posted about this sooner but it's been a crazy week - and now the show has already started ]

Every memorial day weekend and labor day weekend, Club Passim has an event they call the "cutting edge of campfire festival" - four days in a row of lots of in-the-round sets all day long. If you like singer-songwriter folk music, this is probably the best way to find lots of new artists.

It started yesterday afternoon, and runs approximately noon-1am today, tomorrow, and Monday. You can pay $10 for a day and keep coming back in for any part of the day. Or, pay $18 and you get a pass for the whole weekend. Some performers get full sets on their own, but most of the day is either very short solo sets, or longer in-the-round sets with 3-5 different artists on stage at the same time, alternating. Often, they'll get each other to join in on their songs.

The schedule of performers is here:

I don't know how much of it I'll get to this time, but I just scanned the schedule. Here are a few worth noting, IMO:

  • Phil Broikos, 4:30pm Saturday - This is the guy who rapped with Jim Infantino on She Said, He Said on the album titanic
  • Sam Shaber and Rachael Davis, both in the 12:15am set tonight - Sam is part of Live From New York, and I first heard Rachael Davis after Eddie From Ohio strongly recommended her to me. Both great.
  • Summer Pierre, 2:30pm Sunday - very rhythmic guitar style, often entertaingly silly, I like her.
  • Edie Carey and Christopher Williams, both in the 12:30am set Sunday night!
  • Frank Marotta, Jr., 1:30pm Monday - That's Anne Heaton's guitar player. I don't think I've ever seen him solo. hmm, I'm curious.
  • Meg Hutchinson, 3pm Monday
  • Andrew Kerr, 11pm Monday

(There are more I could list, but the list is getting long...)

Club Passim is a folk club and restaurant, located on that little cobblestone street that runs between the two halves of the Coop in Harvard Square. The door is right next to the Globe Corner Bookstore and the Border Cafe, at the corner of Church Street. From the middle of Harvard Square, you can see the Unitarian Church that marks the beginning of Church Street, just go one block (past the movie theater) and turn left, and down the stairs. Actually this weekend it should be blindingly obvious, because Palmer Street will be full of milling folk musicians and their friends.

All shows at Passim are all ages.
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