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Fruit on North American tour

The acoustic trio version of the Australian band Fruit is on a tour of North America. They opened for Eddie From Ohio here in Somerville a couple of weeks ago, and will be back in the Boston area for show with Groovelilly at Passim on Thursday, April 29th. In the meantime, they're gonna be playing all over the industrial northeast.
Almost four years ago, ceelove described Fruit thus:
    Fruit are a 5-person band from Australia. All the members are talented - drums and bass are really strong - but it's the three singers and most particularly Mel Watson who are such standouts. The singers are all female, take turns with the lead mic and with the songwriting pen, all play percussion and guitars, and burst out with powerful harmonies whenever possible. Mel, however, is a goddess. The single most talented musician I have ever seen, anywhere. She puts her lips to an instrument and it becomes the voice of god, or at least of a god who really, really likes rock music. Trumpet, clarinet, flute, harmonica, other brass instruments that I can't even identify and even some she's made up herself, such as the clumpet (clarinet mouthpiece on a trumpet body, sounds like a didgeridoo), and keyboards and guitar as well. And a voice like an angel channeling a slide trombone in the middle of a rock opera. I've seen more than my share of music, and nothing compares to Mel.
That was the full band, this tour is just the three singers, but most of what she wrote is about them. Know anyone who lives any of these places?
    Thu, April 15 - Wakefield, QB
    Sat, April 17 - Toronto, ON, w/Melissa Ferrick
    Tue, April 20 - Pittsburgh, PA
    Wed, April 21 - Cleveland, OH
    Thu, April 22 - Kalamazoo, MI
    Fri, April 23 - Milwaukee, WI
    Sat, April 24 - Chicago, IL
    Sun, April 25 - Lansing, MI
    Mon, April 26 - Grand Rapids, MI
    Wed, April 28 - New York, NY, w/Groovelilly
    Thu, April 29 - Cambridge, MA, w/Groovelilly
    Fri, April 30 - Wilmington, DE
    Sat, May 1 - Bethlehem, PA
    Sun, May 2 - Bryn Mawr, PA
More details on Fruit's tour schedule page. Pass it on.

P.S. Groovelilly is a lot of fun too.
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