Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
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Need New Body

Today at WBRS, I asked blucrew3 about a band she's been really excited about recently, Need New Body. I heard that she got to be on stage with them at their show at TT The Bear's last week, and play their banjo - the banjo got my attention. According to her, one of their other instruments is a bicycle wheel. They're a strange little 6-person indie art/rock/improv band from Philly, and what I heard intrigues me. They seem like the sort of band that's hard to get a good sense of from listening to their recordings, but is worth investigating by going to a live show sometime. They're on tour now, and have shows coming up in New York, DC, Chicago, Iowa, New Orleans, Philly, Wisconsin, and a bunch of other places. Too bad I just missed the Boston show! They'll be back in Cambridge on June 6th. In the meantime, anyone else wanna go to one of their shows and tell me what it was like? Do any of you already know (of) them?
Tags: banjo, need new body, tt the bears, wbrs

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