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Sun, May 2: Rachael Sage and Jenny Bruce at Yale House Concerts

Jeff's next house concert is nigh! This Sunday, Rachael Sage and her friend Jenny Bruce are both playing at Yale House Concerts, at 4pm. I post about Rachael Sage an awful lot here, and Jenny Bruce joined Rachael at the Concert for Dean I ran last November. Email for reservation and directions. I will be there.

Here's what I posted about Rachael Sage in my first ever cosmusic post:
    You could call her folk, or pop. I sometimes describe some folk artists' music as "dark folk" and others' as "bright folk" - Rachael Sage is the only one I can think of who combines both, in the same songs. If you know what I mean by that, then you know what I mean by that :)

    Rachael's web site is and she's got sound samples on it. My favorite album is Smashing the Serene, but to get a sense of her recent work I also recommend the songs Among All of God's Creatures, and Angel (which is about Buffy and Angel :)

P.S. FLUTTR is at the Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave (between Harvard and Porter), at 9pm tonight. "We'll be releasing our free giveaway single, our cover of Brian Eno's Fat Lady of Limbourg! While supplies last...don't wait!"

Also, there is a good chance that Molly Zenobia will be doing a house concert at the Hawke house in Waltham on Sunday afternoon, May 9th. I'll post details here if the show is confirmed. Watch for it.
Tags: fluttr effect, house concert, jenny bruce, lizardlounge, molly zenobia, rachael sage, yhc
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