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Cos Music

Sun, May 9th: Molly Zenobia in Waltham

Molly Zenobia, visiting from Los Angeles, is having a house concert here in Waltham next Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Come, and help encourage her to visit us some more!

If you're not familiar with Molly, read the first time I posted about her and a friend's review of that show, and also take a look at the ecto guide entry for her. At this show, she's going to be solo and acoustic, playing a real piano, in hawkegirl and sandhawke's living room.

It's all ages (including the resident children :), with a suggested donation of $10 - but Molly wants to make it clear that if you don't have the money, she still wants you to come. Sunday, May 9th, 4:00pm. There will be some snacks, if you want to bring some food to supplement them that'd be welcome - let us know. There is no smoking, and there are no indoor pets (not counting the ones that live in tanks).

If you want to come, email me at to RSVP, and I'll send you a confirmation with directions later this week. Capacity is 30, so do email to reserve a spot if you want to come.
Tags: house concert, molly zenobia, waltham
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