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Recently I added memories to cosmusic. For the most part, I just added every post with keywords for the artists and venues that post was about. So, if you want to see all the posts I've made about shows at the Middle East, or about FLUTTR, just look them up in the alphabetical listing of cosmusic memories. You could also just browse the list to see all of the artists I've written about.

I also added a few more general subject keywords:
comedy - posts about comedy performances (rather than, or in addition to, music performances)
movie - posts about movies or films
radio - posts about radio shows or stations
review - writing about a show after it happened
story - posts where I tell a story (kinda)
venues - about venues, rather than just mention a venue in connection with a show
house concert - for any house concert
For postings about shows outside the Boston area, I added some geographic keywords. So far, these are western mass, colorado, connecticut, and new york.
... and other as a general keyword for posts that aren't about specific shows.

Are these useful? Are there any other keywords you'd like to see?

[Note: On a few posts, one or more keywords are missing because LJ sets a limit of 5 keywords per post.]
Tags: meta
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