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banjo extravaganza tonight

This weekend, May 14-16, is the 4th annual Banjo Camp North in Groton, MA. It's a 3-day bluegrass/oldtime convention that includes classes, demos, jam sessions, concerts, and they've got some great musicians coming in from various places to teach and perform. To take advantage of the occasion, they're also holding a public concert tonight in Lexington, the 5 String Extravaganza 3 at the National Heritage Museum on Route 2A.

Among the people performing tonight are bluegrass banjo legend Bill Keith; Rich Stillman of local bluegrass bands WayStation and Crazy Creek; Ron Cody, whose band Fretwater experimented with stereo banjo, jazz/bluegrass, funk, and Bela Fleck-esque sounds; Dave Reiner of the Reiner Family Band and former founding member of Stringtown (and former Kendall Square Research employee, for those of you that means anything to :); and about 20 others.
    5 String Banjo Extravaganza 3
    Bluegrass & Old Time Music Concert
    National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA
    Thursday, May 13th, 7:30pm, $22
    781-861-6559 x4126 or 781-209-1130
Tags: banjo, bill keith, bluegrass, dave reiner, fretwater, monh, rich stillman, ron cody, stringtown
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