Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

Falcon Ridge early bird deadline

If you're planning to go to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and don't have a ticket yet, buy it now! Today, May 15th, is the "early bird" price deadline. 4 day passes all go up by $10 after today. You can still buy advance tickets until July 1st, if you miss that date, you'll have to buy them at the festival, where they're another $20 more. But if you know you're going, buy today and save $10 off the regular advance ticket rate. You can buy tickets by mail, phone, or web.

Among the artists performing at this year's Falcon Ridge are: Eddie From Ohio, Brave Combo, Vance Gilbert, the Nields sisters, Richard Shindell, Girlyman, Erin McKeown, Sonia / disappear fear, Ellis Paul, and Jake Armerding. The dance stage artists have not yet been announced, but I see Paul Rosenberg and Ralph Sweet on the performer schedule so I assume they'll also be calling dances.
Tags: falconridge, festivals, tickets
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