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Thu, May 20: "Dark Sky", Somerville

Dark Sky is a sort of new monthy dark/goth music night, the third Thursday of every month, at the Sky Bar in Somerville. This month is the fourth one, and the lineup includes a couple of my favorite local bands.The Sky Bar, 518 Somerville Avenue, Union Square, Somerville
Thursday, May 20th, 8:00pm
21+, $6, 617-623-5223 for more info

I post about FLUTTR a lot. Rock with electric cello, electric marimba, bass and drums, some great instrumentals (they used to be all instrumental, the singer was a later addition to the band), a very effective Vessela-and-Troy collaboration that would be my favorite current Boston band if there were no Dresden Dolls.

I'm surprised I haven't ever posted about One of Us before. They're not exactly the same band they were on that first studio album of theirs that I've played for many friends over the years - some of their ex-members split off to form Reflecting Skin, and the front man got some new musicians to rekindle One of Us. The old descriptions still fit, though. In other people's words, "marrying percussive tribal pyrotechnics and rock energy", or "blending tribal and ethnic rhythms with hip-hop, industrial and hard rock." I think that's about right, although I should also mention that the frontman has got a look, a stage presence, and projected ego, that's a performance in itself.
Tags: fluttr effect, goth, lucretia's daggers, one of us, portersquare, sky bar
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