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FLUTTR, and PAN 9 tonight

FLUTTR is changing, a little. I saw them perform on Thursday night at the Sky Bar. At first, they sounded a bit off to me, as if they weren't quite pulling together. That persisted for about the first four pieces they played, and unfortunately I think Phil and Liz left right about then. Around 20 minutes into the set, though, it did come together, and I began to notice that it felt somewhat unfamiliar.

I've seen FLUTTR many times, and it took some adjusting. They were playing some new pieces, and at first I thought that it was just the choice of songs. But then they played Flan O'Brien, one of their signature pieces, one that appears on their EP. The arrangement was entirely different - tempo slower by a factor of two or more, volume down, an altered marimba chorus, more melody and less rock. I love this piece in its "usual" form, and I also loved this version. I realized they were doing similar things with the whole set. Maybe they were mostly playing newer pieces, rather than altering old ones, but if so, there's a common quality to the new pieces they're writing. Or perhaps, a common quality to their old ones, which they've branched out from. I think they're experimenting and broadening their style, and I'm intrigued. I also noticed, in one of the pieces they clearly said was new, an long instrumental break that sounded like FLUTTR before they had a singer, and I'm heartened to know they're going to bring more of that sound into their music as they move in new directions.

goat remarked that the first time she'd seen FLUTTR was at a party, where they didn't seem to fit in - though she liked their music enough to motivate her to come see them again. This time, she liked them much more, and I wonder how much of that was the context, and how much was the somewhat subtle change in the music.

For their encore, FLUTTR played a rousing Say Goodbye, exactly as I remember it.

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When I got to the Sky Bar, Vessela pounced me and wondered why I hadn't been to PAN 9 for so long. I missed just about everything in Boston from October through March because I wasn't around, and the past two PAN 9s have conflicted with other plans, so I really haven't been to one for a while. She asked if I was coming to the one this Saturday (tonight), and unfortunately, it too conflicts with plans I already had. But I can tell you all about it, and maybe you'll go.

PAN 9, Saturday May 22nd, 9pm

Come on over to our place and enjoy our trademark combination of ecclectic performances featuring:
    the pop craftsmanship of Garvey J. and friends (formerly of the Elevator Drops, The Rentals)
    ...the cathartic comedy of Evan O'Television (ubiquitous Pan 9 figurehead)
    ...the guitar atmospherics of Nick Bourgeau (Pan 9 artist in residence)
    ...physically-based solo theatre by Anthony Schwartzman
    ...titillating comedy from comedy duo Dan Sulman and Esther Ku (Boston comedy heavyweights)
    special guest appearence:
    Russian Gypsy Music by: Ann Harley and Vadim Kolpakov
and more! more acts! more art! more genres! more more!

For directions email or call 617-783-9424 day of show.
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