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Tue, Jun 1: Legendary Pink Dots (and Dresden Dolls)

The Legendary Pink Dots have a show in Cambridge next Tuesday night. Pioneers of dark psychadelia, somewhere on the verge of pop, synth, and ambient, sometimes instrumental and sometimes vocal, they have indeed become legendary. In case you don't know what they sound like, they very helpfully have an MP3 of 5 minutes from a live show for download from their web site. They've also got a bunch of other samples there - do listen to a few.

The Dresden Dolls will open with a short acoustic set. Amanda of the Dolls has referred to Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots as "my favorite songwriter to walk the earth," and "amanda's childhood hero," among other things, and the Dots have been very influential in her artistic life. Back in the winter of 2001/2002, when Amanda was still doing a wide variety of work before the Dresden Dolls took off and started monopolizing her time, one of my favorite of her projects was Hotel Blanc, a play she co-wrote and put on with the shadowbox collective. It was inspired by the music of the Legendary Pink Dots, and used them for a lot of the soundtrack. In her senior year of high school, Amanda wrote a play called "Asylum", based on the album of that name by the Dots. It was rejected from a competition because the judges decided it was "performance art" rather than "theater".

The Dresden Dolls have toured with Edward Ka-Spel before, but this is the first I remember them playing a show with the whole band.You can buy tickets online through ticketbastard, or get them without service charge at the Middle East Box Office, open daily 1-7pm. I called the box office and they said they don't think it will sell out.

Amanda has a solo set this Saturday night at the Lizard Lounge on Mass Ave in Cambridge (about halfway between Harvard and Porter Squares). Also playing are Garvy J (former members of the elevator drops), and weirdo comic Eugene Mirman. NYC comedian Patrick Borelli will MC. $7, 21+, doors at 9 pm, amanda on at 10:30 pm sharp. There's a free performance 7:30-8:30 by "Soul Low" before the show. As with most Lizard Lounge shows, it'll probably sell out, so if you plan to go, buy tickets now.
Tags: amanda palmer, centralsquare, dresden dolls, eugene mirman, legendary pink dots, lizardlounge, middleeast
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