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tonight: "Chick Singer Night" at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge

Chick Singer Night seems to be a series of concerts around the country, and CSN Boston is tonight, directed by local blues singer Vykki Vox. She performed at WBRS a couple of times while I was producing or engineering live music there, and I've seen her at some other shows around town. She's not usually enough to motivate me to go see a show, but she's pretty good. Two of the other singers at tonight's event are ones I recommend going out of your way for: Joanie Pimentel of superhoney, my favorite Boston funk band of the past several years, and Anita Suhanin, former lead singer of Groovasaurus, and more recently playing around with her own smaller band with some of the same musicians.
    Chick Singer Night Boston
    Thursday, June 10th
    Vykki Vox, Jennifer Truesdale, Joanie Pimentel, Jennifer Matthews, Anita Suhanin, Parul Vakani
    Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge
    Acoustic acts at 7pm (free),
    Main acts at 9pm, $7
    Proceeds to benefit Boston's Homeless
You can view their fancy Flash invitation here.

(I'm not feeling well so I probably won't be there)
Tags: anita suhanin, joanie pimentel, lizardlounge, superhoney, vykki vox
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