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Sat, Jun 7: PAN 9 - Molly Zenobia! and FLUTTR too!

[Reminder: Jake Armerding's CD release at Passim is at 8pm this evening]

PAN 9 is a warehouse space in Allston shared by several performers and artists, and about once a month they hold a performance night (and often sort of a party after). Some of the residents are Evan O'Sullivan who performs comedy under the name Evan O'Television, and Vessela Stoyanova of .WAV, FLUTTR, Venus Window, and various other marimba-filled musical collaborations. At the PAN 9 performance nights, they usually have performances both by residents and friends and visiting musicians and performers. Music, film, comedy, dance, poetry, sketches, and some unusual combinations. There may be 10 or 15 different performances a night, some of them just a minute or two long, others 10 or 15 minutes, and at the end of the night there's usually a full length set by a band.

Although I wasn't as impressed with last month's PAN 9 as I have been with some of the others, it's still my favorite freeform or mixed-genre performance series. Some of the best music and comedy I've seen in the past year has been at PAN 9. Most of the segments are short so even if there's one that bores me or that I don't like, it's not a big deal, and there are almost always a lot that I do like.

This month's PAN 9 is this Saturday night, June 7th, at 9pm, and the band closing out the night with a full set will be FLUTTR, one of my favorite Boston bands ever. FLUTTR features PAN 9'ers Vessela and Troy on marimba and guitar, along with drums and electric cello. A few weeks ago I posted about Vessela and some of her bands, read that if you missed it:
Evan O'Television will also be doing his comedy thing, which involves a television. I love it!

And in a last minute addition, Molly Zenobia will be doing a solo set of about 5 or 6 songs! We just added her to the schedule yesterday shortly after they sent out the PAN 9 announcement, so if you're on their mailing list and got it you didn't see her listed, but it is going to happen! Molly is starting off the night, so get there early if you want to see her. The show officially starts at 9pm but I think part of Molly's set will be before the start, so if they actually start on time (hah!) she might be playing before 9.

Molly Zenobia is an incredible, amazing pianist singer-songwriter. Most of the time she plays with a band, but this will be her solo on piano and vocals (and maybe samples). Her music is rock and folk, goth and newage, fierce and dark. I first heard her a few years ago when her first CD arrived at WBRS, and was part of a large pile of CDs I opened one day. Out of several thousand new CDs a year that I used to encounter at WBRS, hers was one of the 2 or 3 each year that hooked me instantly and powerfully. I invited her to do a live show, and after her intense performance I offerred to start helping her book shows, which I've been doing occasionally ever since. Read the ectoguide entry about Molly Zenobia for some other people's comments and descriptions. If you've got her album Wind Chains and don't know what she sounds like without a full band, try some of the sound samples from her first album, Skin. Some of my favorites are King Aeolus, Sky, and When Does The Bullet Fall?

PAN 9 is in a warehouse at the end of Rugg Road, a very short and tiny street just off Cambridge Street in Allston. If you know were O'Brien's is, you're almost there. O'Brien's is at the corner of Cambridge Street and Harvard Ave. From there, walk down Cambridge street a couple of blocks - about halfway toward the intersection of Cambridge St and Brighton Ave. There you will see Rugg Road on the right side, next to a red brick apartment building. Walk down Rugg Road one block to the end, and enter the parking lot there. Behind the parking lot is a building with a door, go in and follow signs for PAN 9. If you're taking the T, you can take the green line B branch to Commonwealth & Harvard, and walk up Harvard to the end, then turn left on Cambridge street and follow these directions above.

The official PAN 9 announcement email:
From: PAN9 <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 17:32:43 -0400
Subject: PAN9 Sat.6/7

Come by this Saturday, June 7th @ 9pm
dig the first PAN 9 of the Summer

and satisfy your eclectic aesthetic fix

Rock and Soul from
Sir Cuss

Cathode Ray Comedy from
Evan O' Television

and Choreographed Culture from
Ellen Godina & Deb Butler (Movement Laboratory)
Karin Webb & Eric Rubb

Painted Art from
David Sabastien

...and plenty more of that good PAN 9 stuff that's so hard to describe...

FOR DIRECTIONS: Call 783-9424 day of show for or email
ANNOUNCEMENT: PAN 9 is always looking for volunteers. To help out on this
Saturday's show, email by afternoon on Friday.

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