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I met amadea shortly after her return to Boston in the summer of 1999, and fell in love with her voice the same day. For the next two years she performed around Boston as a solo-singer songwriter, before joining Scissorkiss as their lead singer.

Scissorkiss is a gothy industrial synthpop trio. Amadea had done a few synthpop recordings with her friend Bjorn in the past, which were exquisite, and I had certain images of what she would sound like in the context of a gothy synthpop band. Scissorkiss, while enjoyable, didn't match up to those ideas for me. I went to their shows and I got their first two albums, and while I liked their music, I mostly didn't listen to the CDs.

Then, a few months ago, I visited Amadea in Chicago, where she now lives, and she played for me some pre-master final recordings from their not-yet-released third album. Finally, I think it clicked. When I heard the first piece she played, I thought this must be what I'd been waiting to hear from Scissorkiss for the past three years.

This will apparently be their last album. If you're in Boston, you can come to their CD release show this Monday, which will also be their farewell performance. It's at Ceremony, a weekly goth night near Kenmore Square.

Scissorkiss farewell performance / CD release show
Ceremony at An Tua Nua, 835 Beacon Street, Boston
Monday, June 28th, doors at 9pm, show at 10pm

[ P.S. LiveJournal has been throwing email posts into indefinitely delayed queues again, sorry nobody got to see the last posting in time for it to matter. *grrr* ]
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