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Falcon Ridge artists teaser

The Falcon Ridge people sent out an email that includes a brief list of some of the artists who will be playing this year. It's a very partial list, there will be lots more artists, but I'm particularly excited to see the Arrogant Worms on it!! I think they're the funniest group in music today, at least that I know of - they make me laugh more than DaVinci's Notebook, the Austin Lounge Lizards, Dry Branch Fire Squad, or any other group I can think of. And they're a crusty old band holed up in their native Novia Scotia, unwilling to make a lot of trips down to the US unless they can be well paid for the effort, so I hardly ever get to see them. I made a trek down to Allentown PA to see a show they did with EFO a few years ago, so them alone are reason enough to go to Falcon Ridge in my opinion (not that I ever considered not going this year :)

Other bands on the short preliminary list for FRFF 2005 include regular favorites Dar Williams, Eddie From Ohio, Tracy Grammer, The Kennedys, and The Nields, a few interesting groups that have played recent years and did well on the survey such as Railroad Earth and Brave Combo, and a few other exiting newcomers - such as Fruit!.

Here's the relevant snippet from the email:
    5 - FINAL FRFF TIDBITS - A web update is in the works with all 05 tix prices, deadlines, ordering info, list of performers booked to date, that includes Dar, Nields, EFO, L&N, Modern Man, Arrogant Worms, Crooked Still, The Kennedys, Eliza Gilkyson, Paul & Storm, Redbird, Fruit, Railroad Earth, Tracy Grammer, Clayfoot Strutters, Brave Combo, Nightingale, more to come. Info on our May Preview Tour featuring Meg Hutchinson, LisaBeth Weber w/Maggie Marshall, Alastair Moock & Ned Massey coming. AND ANNOUNCING our very first FRFF Fan Club Cruise happening this fall, 5 night concert cruise, NYC to Nova Scotia, Sept 5-10 with Nerissa & Katryna Nields, The Kennedys and Susan Werner. We will have more details and ordering info for you, meanwhile you can get all of that at
Tags: arrogant worms, brave combo, dar williams, efo, falconridge, festivals, fruit, railroad earth, the kennedys, the nields, tracy grammer
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