Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
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Mali collaboration

Afropop Worldwide reports that Toumani Diabate and Ali Farka Touré are in studio, and have recorded an album together.

Ali Farka Touré developed a guitar and singing style that people call "African blues", a blend of nothern Mali and Mississippi delta. Despite his name, he doesn't tour, and rumors of his retirement from commercial music keep springing up. I'm glad he's still recording.

Toumani Diabate is a pre-eminent master of one of my favorite instruments, the kora (an ancestor of the banjo). Several years ago, he recorded an album with American blues legend Taj Mahal, Kulanjan. I'm very much looking forward to this new development in combining modern Malian music and the blues.
Tags: african, album, ali farka toure, kora, taj mahal, toumani diabate
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