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[Boston] tonight: FLUTTR, Count Zero, Humanwine, Sarah Rabdau

There's a great show at Harper's Ferry in Allston tonight! Sorry for the last minute notice.
  • FLUTTR EFFECT, formerly known as FLUTTR - the band I've posted about most often here on cosmusic. Rock with electric marimba and electric cello! Some instrumentals, some jazzy and some prog rock, and a singer with brightly dyed hair :) One of the best Boston bands ever, IMO - although really sensitive to how well the sound is done at the club. Bad sound can make them sound like a mush. If you aren't hearing the marimba clearly, you're not getting their real sound.
  • Count Zero, a rather strange ... uhh, rock? band. Sometimes tribal, sometimes electronic, sometimes almost acoustic sounding. Peter Moore of Think Tree, who I also suspect of involvement with the likes of Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple and some Castle von Buhler compilations, though I can't remember the details of how he was involved. Count Zero are firmly in the subgenre I like to call "WZBC music".
  • Humanwine and Sarah Rabdau, who I have never seen. But they sound interesting, so I'll quote Steve Gisselbrecht:
      Humanwine are one of my new favorite local bands. They bring together way more influences than just rock, from French pop to Latin jazz, and synthesize them into something like the soundtrack for an off-off-off-off-Broadway musical on sociopolitical themes written by Jacques Brel for Sleepytime Gorilla Museum to play. And the singer is incredible, with a stunning voice (really several stunning voices) and tremendous stage presence.
      Sarah Rabdau is a great singer, with a wonderful voice and a playful style that remind me of Ricki Lee Jones. Her songs are dramatic and expansive, which seems to be the theme that this whole evening was booked on.
Harpers Ferry 617-254-9743
156 Brighton Ave - next door to Marty's Liquors, across from The Kells
Tonight, doors at 9pm, $8, 21+
Tags: allston, count zero, fluttr effect, harpers ferry, humanwine, sarah rabdau, steve gesselbrecht
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