Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
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It's all Fluttr now

Last night after the show, I talked to Vessela for the first time in probably more than a year, and asked what she's up to. It seems she and Troy have put all of their other projects on hiatus to focus exclusively on FLUTTR EFFECT. So no more .WAV, Marimbira, Venus Window, or anything else, for now. Instead, they're planning a month long tour this fall for Fluttr Effect!
They plan to start in Chicago and travel west, through Colorado, and on to the bay area and Los Angeles. They'd love to play a show or two with Molly Zenobia (Molly, are you reading?). Probably no Pacific Northwest on this tour, unfortunately. Anyway, all of you out there in the areas they're likely to get to, pay attention to their web site or here on cosmusic for the tour schedule.

In the meantime, they're doing another show with Count Zero at the Middle East upstairs (Central Square, Cambridge) on Saturday, June 25th.

P.S. I noticed, on the flashing light bar at Harper's, that Rebirth Brass Band are playing there June 16th and 17th. Damn, I'm gonna be away! This is my favorite New Orleans brass band.
Tags: .wav, count zero, fluttr effect, harpers ferry, marimbira, middleeast, molly zenobia, rebirth brass band, venus window, vessela stoyanova
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