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WWOZ in Exile

I'm sure a lot of us have wondered about the fates of some of our favorite musicians recently, and of the whole New Orleans music & cultural scene. I'm writing this while listening to the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on my favorite New Orleans radio station, WWOZ 90.7 FM. They shut down last Saturday, August 27th, as Katrina approached, but this weekend they came back up as a web stream thanks to New York area community radio station WFMU. WWOZ in Exile is maintaining a list of New Orleans musicians confirmed safe on their web site.

A little bit ago on the stream, I heard WWOZ General Manager David Freedman being interviewed by WFMU's GM. He confirms that their staff are all alive, though scattered around the country. He also says their studios and record library are on the second floor, and he thinks it possible that the entire library might have survived the flood - if it didn't get looted, it might still be intact. But they don't really know anything. Also, WWOZ is entirely out of money and running on credit, so he's asking for donations. For more of Freedman's experiences last week, read this long blog post - which is currently on WFMU's site because WWOZ's webmaster is apparently on the road heading to North Carolina and nobody else knew how to post something long on

WWOZ is a community radio station dedicated to nurturing the New Orleans music scene, and I'm so happy they survived, and hopeful for their music library. I'm still nervous about some of the musicians I don't see on the list yet - for example, I can only find two of the five members of New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars - but hopefully the list will get longer over the next week.
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