Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

PAN 9 review

Sorry for being so quiet recently, and I hope y'all have found some of the musical things that I've missed posting about. I've been out in western MA, the Catskills, Vermont, and at various big social events. The little scraps of time I've had online, I've mostly spend on practical details such as where I will spend the night, who I'm driving from where to where, etc., and in promoting Howard Dean. I'm waaay behind on LiveJournal.

One thing I noticed while partially catching up on some of my friends' journals today, petra_quince's review of last month's PAN 9, the one I posted about here. I love her writing!

The Dresden Dolls are playing tomorrow night at The Middle East. I'll post more about that later tonight or tomorrow if I get a chance.
Tags: dresden dolls, middleeast, pan9, review
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