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Bats in the Belfry back 2hrs/week, Mon 8-10pm

A couple of years ago I posted about one of my favorite local radio shows being moved to Mondays, 8-10pm, but I failed to post the following year when it got cut from weekly to every other week. Well, it's back now, to the time slot it was switched to two years ago: Monday nights, 8-10pm, 88.1FM. I'll take it as another opportunity to plug the show. The description from the WMBR program guide:
    Moody, dark, atmospheric, brooding; Mistress Laura's own special blend of gothic and ethereal music from all over the world, USA, and Boston. Beginning with ancient music and chant, to the newest gothic rock, darkwave, and darkambient, goth-industrial, neo-classical
WMBR has a webcast, so you can listen to the show outside of Boston if you have net. Tune in, she's on in just 15 minutes!

P.S. Molly Zenobia posted house concert details on her LiveJournal, and in addition to the Boston area house concert, she lists some southern California shows coming up next month. As I noted two years ago, Bats in the Belfry sometimes plays Molly Zenobia... perhaps I'll call Laura up and make a request...
Tags: bats in the belfry, goth, molly zenobia, radio, wmbr
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