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Somerville MA: a bunch of fun short films, this evening, FREE

The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest held in cities around the country. Teams of amateur filmmakers sign up, and at the appointed time, they're all given a line and a prop they have to use in a short film. Then each team draws a different genre out of a hat (comedy, action, horror, sci fi, western, documentary, ...) and have to submit a completed short film by the deadline 48 hours later.

somehedgehog participated in a team that competed in the Boston 48HFP in 2004, which is how I first heard of it and signed up for the mailing list. Most amusingly, her team pulled "Science Fiction" for their genre, and came up with a surprisingly intricate plot for such a quick project. It was most amusing!

The 2006 Boston 48HFP is coming in April, but they're having a preview and meet'n'greet this evening at Good Time Emporium in Somerville this evening. They're going to be showing some of the best films from 2004 (including Rubbers, which was hilarous!!) and 2005.

Details posted on the Boston 48HFP page and here:

----- Forwarded message from Ben Guaraldi <> -----

Dear 48 hour filmmakers and fans,

Tonight's details:

DATE: Tonight, Tuesday, March 7th
PLACE: Good Time Emporium, 30 Assembly Square Dr, Somerville
COST: Free
* 6-7pm: meet'n'greet (although folks may continue to mingle during the shows)
* 7-8:45pm: Best of the 48HFP: Boston 2004
* 9-11:15pm: Best of the 48HFP: Boston 2005

The films will play in this order:

>From 2004:
- "America's Next Top Superhero", by Playomatic
- "Thousand Yard Stare", by Advanced Teamwork
- "The Last Batch", by Everybody's Favorite
- "Recipe for Love", by ImprovBoston
- "Irish Blood", by the Clip Show
- "My Ulcer...It's Back", by Dorchester Shrimp Company
- "Splatter Day Saints", by Banana in the Tailpipe
- "Sweeter by Far", by Summer Villa
- "Checking Out", by Bighouse Films
- "Rubbers", by Team Torpor

>From 2005:
- "Seven Minutes", by Booty Vortex
- "Melvin's Kitchen", by the International Celebrity Club
- "Whirlwind", by Faucet Drinkers
- "Card Sharks", by ImprovBoston
- "Driven", by Tapioca Productions
- "I Hate Tommy Donovan", by Big Mouth Productions
- "Episode #305", by Quarter-Life Crisis
- "Kombat Kitchen", by Echoplanar
- "Las Perlas Argentes", by Team Torpor
- "Playing Parts", by Best Day Ever Productions
- "Paisanics", by Men with Big Shiny Spears
- "Temporary Spy", by Unlicensed Poultry Productions
- "Unstrung", by JetProv
- "Withering Heights", by Top Feeg
- "Family Spies", by L Train Productions
- "Life After Leukemia", by Team Oliver
- "Pitch Imperfect", by Battleground State

Hope to see you!


Ben Guaraldi
Boston Producer
48 Hour Film Project

----- End forwarded message -----
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