Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

The Dry Branch Fire Squad is coming!

Early warning: the Dry Branch Fire Squad is coming back to the Firehouse Center in Newburyport, MA, on February 8th. I took dreams_of_wings to see them two years ago (at the same venue), and here's what she wrote about it.

They've released two live albums recorded at the Firehouse Center so far, so I can give you an idea of what it'll be like with some clips: a bit of straight-up bluegrass, some harmony singing, some instrumental picking ... and of course some of Ron Thomason's inspired between-songs banter, which is half the fun of seeing them:I would go see this guy do a standup act or tell stories for hours without the band. I'd go out of my way to see this band play even if he didn't talk. Fortunately, the two go together.
Tags: audio, bluegrass, dry branch fire squad, firehousecenter, newburyport

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