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Tonight: Dresden Dolls at The Middle East

The Dresden Dolls are performing tonight at The Middle East downstairs!

They are without rival my favorite Boston band of the past few years. Amanda Palmer (who you may have seen as a living statue in Harvard Square) on piano and vocals, and Brian Viglione on Drums, performing songs written and arranged by Amanda. "Punk Cabaret" is how they describe their style; I'll add intense, goth, and very accessible, with a strong punch. Weird twisted interpersonal relationship lyrics, and on-stage presence full of humor and power. Also, they're both very sexy :)

petra_quince described the Dresden Dolls as, theatrical performers in perfect syncronicity. Amanda Palmer's voice a line of fluid running over the chiaroscuro of drums and keyboard. Lyrics like fingers that walk delicately up your spine only to rake down without warning. (You can read her post about the first Dresden Dolls show I took her to, here)

Tonight's show is 18+, $10 at the door.
Doors at 8pm, show starts at 9pm, Dresden Dolls scheduled for 10pm. In reality that very likely means they'll be on as late as 10:50pm, but who knows, they might be on time, so don't be late and miss them :)

The other three bands playing tonight are Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, World/Inferno Friendship Society, and Ho-Ag.

[Added after the show: The Dresden Dolls ended up doing their set 11:35 - 12:35. So much for being on time :) It was hot and packed with people, but the music was great, and they did three new songs.]
Tags: centralsquare, dresden dolls, ho-ag, middleeast, sleepytime gorilla museum, world/inferno friendship society
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