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For those of you who don't overlap that subset of my friends list where this has been posted repeatedly: Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band has their debut performance today at 6pm in JP.
    Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band!

    Also featuring performances by:
    The Madcap Rumpus Society
    The Grindhouse Marionettes
    & Traveling Vaudeville Songster, Uncle Shoe

    Sunday, April 29th (today!)
    Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, JP
    (1 block from the Stony Brook T stop on the Orange Line)
    Doors at 5:30pm, Show starts at 6pm
    All ages, $10 ($8 for kids under 12)
I haven't seen them or heard them yet, but I hear they have a lot of instruments :) A horns section, coraline on violin (she seems to be first violin in the pit band at almost every theatre performance I ever see at MIT, so if you've seen a play at MIT in the last 10 years perhaps you've heard her), and chillguru (from Booty Vortex). clara_girl will be among the aerial silks performers. I also just noticed this description of the Grindhouse Marionetts on their web page:
    "The Grindhouse Marionettes are a group of bell cow puppets. More accurately, humans puppeteer other humans from above as they jerkily perform short vignettes reminiscent of dark classics from the Brothers Grimm or Edward Gorey - gruesome parables with a parade of flawed heroes and scoundrels.

    The Grindhouse Marionettes call themselves a vaudevillian troupe; nicely summarizing their pretense of unpretentious entertainment. Forged amongst the anarchy of the Dresden Dolls Brigade performers, The Grindhouse Marionettes starred as side stage performances at Avalon and the Paradise Rock Club. Noted for their talents of constructing props and destructive subject matter, their raunchy comic genius captivated audiences."
Tags: circus, ensmb, grindhouse marionettes, jamaicaplain, spontaneous celebrations
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