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Sat, Jul 5: a catness gig at Harpers Ferry

The Matthew Stubbs band would be just another periphery-of-Boston fun but average blues band, were it not for two claims to fame: More drummers than Spinal Tap, and the fabulous kit_holliday on lead vocals.

No, their drummers don't spontaneously burst into flame, they all stick around, and rotate in and out from show to show. Kit is a vocal force. If you heard her on tape you might imagine a 50 year old black lady who'd been singing soul all her life and recorded for Motown, but if you come to a gig you'll see a short redhead dressed in black and wonder, is that sound really coming from her?
This Saturday night, the Matthew Stubbs Band is performing as part of the Boston Blues Challenge at Harpers Ferry in Allston - near the corner of Harvard & Brighton Avenues. An unusual opportunity to see them actually in Boston, instead of southern NH or central MA or all those other not-quite-Boston places they usually play :)

For this gig, they'll have their sax and trombone players, and supposedly they'll also have preview copies of their first album, newly recorded!

The email with the details...
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 00:07:53 -0400
Subject: Chick Singa Weekend - Special Announcement!

Hi folks!

The Matthew Stubbs Band has a very special show coming up this weekend!!
If you're into the blues, come check out the 19th Annual Harpers Ferry
Boston Blues Challenge, sponsored by the Boston Blues Society.  (Harpers
Ferry is in Allston, Massachusetts.)  There are four bands on each night,
Thursday through Sunday, and The Matthew Stubbs Band plays the third set
on Saturday evening, July 5th.  We'll be competing against some really
great artists, in the hopes of winning the grand prize, which is a chance
to go play in Memphis!

We'd love to see familiar faces in the audience Saturday helping us rock
the house, and this promises to be a great night of music. Not only will
there be some cool other bands to check out, but we'll have the Slammin'
Section featuring Scott Shetler on saxes and John Frazee on trumpet.

If that's not enough to get you out and partying with us, then I'll let
you in on one more tiny secret and another small hint: rumor has it that
there are going to be preview copies of the new Matthew Stubbs Band CD
available, AND there is a strong possibility that there will be Hot Chick
Brigade sightings. So don't say we didn't warn you that this could be the
hottest Independence Day weekend ever. :)

For more info on the bands, schedule, and club, go check out:

Please join us this weekend, we'd love to see you!

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