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Cambridge: Molly Zenobia, Jaggery, Copal, Cyanide Valentine

Molly Zenobia moved to Boston after four years in southern California, and her first public gig is this Thursday evening in Central Square, opening for a great lineup for anyone who likes gothy music with unusual sounds.

First two acts are intense female vocals & piano, Molly and then Mali Sastri's band Jaggery (she also recently moved to Boston, from New York). Next is Copal, violin-centered tribal-goth/dance music. I haven't seen Cyanide Valentine yet, but I'm intrigued.

Cyanide Valentine, Copal, Jaggery, & Molly Zenobia
    T.T. The Bear's, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge
    (in Central Square, next to The Middle East)
    Thursday, August 7th, 8pm-1am
    $9, 18+

8:00pm - doors open.

8:30pm Molly Zenobia - poetic, haunted, intense, singer/pianist Molly Zenobia makes her return to Boston after four years in the exile of Southern California!

Jaggery - an experimental art-rock collective who work the dark edge of a genre-defying musical style (darkwave jazz?). Featuring Mali Sastri on piano and vocals.

10:30pm Copal - string fusion with hip hop and world beats. Copal combines traditional sounds stemming from Spanish gypsy, Eastern European, Nordic and Middle Eastern influences with electronic beats and soundscapes of the modern age, accompanied by tribal-style belly dancing. Featuring Hannah Thiem in violin & vocals.

11:30pm Cyanide Valentine - protean electro/synth-pop/rock band, the Cyanide Valentine focuses on rehashed textures and arrangements along with pulsing beats intended to move dancefloors and inspire reflection on one's past. Hannah plays violin in this one too.
Tags: centralsquare, copal, cyanide valentine, goth, jaggery, molly zenobia, tt the bears
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