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SoCal-Mexican music?

For years one of my favorite musicians has been Julieta Venegas, a Mexican-American woman who was born in LA and grew up in Tijuana. Recently, when I was in San Diego, I found a radio station playing Latino techno/dance/electronica I liked, so I kept listening to it occasionally the rest of the week... and started hearing music that reminded me of Julieta Venegas. Nothing quite like her, but some of the turns of melody, the feelings, the rhythms, were familiar to me from her music.

I'm not entirely new to Mexican & Latin American music in general. We had a great Latin/Hispanic music coordinator & DJ at WBRS for the ~15 years I was there, who had a show right after mine for many of those years, and who built up quite a solid collection. We had separate subsections in our CD library for things like "Tejano", "Norteno", and "Cumbia", and I learned how to figure out what music went in which subsection, and what a "ranchera" or a "corrida" is. However, I don't remember hearing much music that reminded me of Julieta Venegas like this.

That makes me wonder: Is there a whole musical cluster of specifically Southern Californian Mexican music, that Jose at WBRS didn't play much of, but that I would really like if I heard more of?
Tags: california, julieta venegas, latin, mexican, radio, sandiego, socal
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